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DayShout - Stay In Touch With friends and Family how are you doing today?

Monitor Your Counseling Clients with A HIPAA Compliant Solution

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No matter how long it is between sessions, you'll always know how your patients and clients are doing with DayShout.Com. Each day, your clients are sent an email asking them how they are - physically, emotionally, and spiritually. They rate their perceived condition from 1-10 and add an optional note. You receive an online report showing all of your patients and their current condition as well as e-mail alerts for those that may need extra attention.

Give your clients the ultimate "check in" tool as well as a daily journaling system that they will find fun and engaging. Best of all, they can even choose to share their condition with close friends and family for support without other patients seeing their updates.

The Only Counseling Software of Its Kind!

Our solution is safe, private, secure, and 100% HIPAA compliant! It's free for up to two clients, and just $4.99 per month for an unlimited number of clients as well as trending, commenting, and more.

Start connecting with your first two clients for free!

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