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Private Social Network DayShout.Com Adds SSL Encryption to Its Service

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Tampa, Florida - DayShout.Com, a private social network created to connect loved ones based on how they are doing each day, announced that it was now using encryption through SSL to further protect its clients' information. The service was created by Jose and Mayra Gomez of Gomez Innovations, an idea incubator by the couple this year. The upgrade was one of several major upgrades planned for the last quarter of 2010.

"By adding an additional layer of security and privacy, members can feel safe being honest with their closest friends and family," said Jose Gomez, Jr., CEO and co-founder of Gomez Innovations. "That's the point of our service - to cut through the fake online persona that people put on when communicating through other social networks and be themselves."

SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer, is a cryptographic protocol that provides security for communication over networks such as the internet. It provides encryption of the communication between a personal computer and a central server to prevent prying eyes from intercepting the data and capturing.

DayShout.Com was launched earlier this year and has seen steady growth through personal invitations. The premise of the service is to provide a way to connect loved ones in an honest way around how they are doing physically, emotionally, and spiritually each day. The results of its assessments are shared with only your closest loved ones, leaving superficial online communication to social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

About Gomez Innovations Inc

Gomez Innovations is an idea incubator launched in 2010 by Tampa-based couple Jose and Mayra Gomez. Jose has been in the internet industry since the 90s and has developed online communities such as ChristianJobs.Com as well as CMS technology for nonprofits. Mayra is known for her ministry, Model4Jesus, working with young women to help them discover the true meaning of beauty. Through the couple's involvement in business and ministry, their passion is to create technology that will significantly impact culture and help connect people for the common good.

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