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Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions about our service? Well, we created a list of what we think is a good collection of questions you might have.

What exactly is DayShout.Com?
DayShout.Com is a service designed to help you stay connected to your friends and families each and every day. We send you and each person on your friends list a daily e-mail prompting you to fill out a quick, 60-second, 3-question survey. You can sign in at any time to see a consolidated report of your entire friend list, complete with contact information. When you see your loved ones are having a bad day, you can know to call them and be there for them.

What is the advantage of seeing daily reports on your loved ones?
So many times, loved ones go through personal situations and tragedies. It isn't until days, months, or even years later that we find out that we missed the opportunity to be there for them. This happens because we just don't have the ability to call every one of our friends and family every day. With DayShout.Com, you can monitor your loved ones daily without the pressure of not having the time to call. You can focus on being there when they need you most - and they can do that for you.

How much does DayShout.Com cost?
Our service is ABSOLUTELY free! We made that decision to allow our program to have the maximum impact it can have on our culture. You get unlimited connections, trend reports, and more.

How do I get help using DayShout.Com
Getting help is simple. Just sign into your account and click on the HELP USING DAYSHOUT.COM link at the top. We've got tutorials for you to learn from.

Have More Questions?

If you have more questions about our service, just contact us. We'll help get the right answers to you.

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