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DayShout - Stay In Touch With friends and Family how are you doing today?

Friends and Family Stay In Touch with DayShout.Com

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How many times have you reconnected with a family member or a dear friend just to find out that they have been through hell and back, and you ask yourself, "Where was I?"

DayShout.Com solves the problem of being disconnected with your loved ones. Because we know it's impossible to call everyone you care about every day, we've created a system that contacts your friends and family FOR you each and every morning. We ask the important question that the social networks leave out - "How are you doing today?"

Your friends and family are asked that questions every day and you are sent the results. When they're having a difficult day, you'll be the first to know.

You'll also be asked the same question and your answers will be shared with your friends. Your friends see YOUR DayShouts without seeing each other - unless they're connected, too. All of this is done through our private, secure dashboard and only your closest friends and family have access to the information.

Stay Connected With Your Friends and Family

Why use Facebook, Twitter, or other social networks to share your most intimate feelings? Use DayShout, the world's first private social network for growing the quality of your relationships.

Connect with unlimited friends for just $4.99 per month, or just try creating a circle of three for free.

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