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Welcome to the DayShout.Com blog, where we explore ways to improve our personal relationships through the use of online tools like DayShout.

By Tony Alicea • Relationships
If you really want to have authentic relationships, you have to get out of the group and get some one-on-one time.
By Tony Alicea • Relationships, Advice
Do you find that people come to you for advice? Not sure how to give advice effectively? This article provides tips on what you can do to make your feedback valuable.
By Tony Alicea • Relationships, Listening
Just because you aren't talking, it doesn't mean you are listening. This post explores the art of active listening.
By Tony Alicea • Accountability, Relationships
Choosing an accountability partner isn't something you should take lightly. This article provides some tips on what you should look for when choosing someone to get in your life for accountability.
By Jose Gomez •, Facebook, LinkedIn, Relationships, social networking, Twitter
Social networking doesn't help to create closer relationships. Instead, it provides an avenue for false personas based on what we want people to believe about us. What's the answer to this problem?
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