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DayShout - Stay In Touch With friends and Family how are you doing today?

About Us

DayShout.Com, a service of Gomez Innovations, was created with a vision to help people connect around how they are each day. So many times, we lose touch with our friends and families over time. We try to use social networking websites to reconnect only to be flooded with online game ads, daily anecdotes, survey results, and questions about what their statuses actually mean.

We found a way to get rid of all of that and cut directly to what connects us - knowing when to be there for each other. DayShout.Com uses the web to help you connect by knowing exactly how your friends and family are every day - physically, emotionally, and spiritual - with minimal effort!

Our Connection Team

Our Connection Team consists of people who believe in the importance of growing your family relationship and friendships. These people guide the service we provide ARE the service, so we'd like to take the time to tell you about them.

Mayra & Jose Gomez
Mayra and Jose Gomez are the founders of DayShout. They have served their community as pastors for 10 years. Today, Mayra is the founder and president of Model4Jesus, a fashion show ministry for women and teenage girls that uses fashion shows as a tool to reach today's generation, demonstrating that a woman does not need to conform to the world's concept of beauty. She is also director of TruModel, a character development and mentoring program in Tampa, Florida. Jose is co-owner of a web development company and has worked in the Christian web industry as a web developer since the mid 90s. His successes include PraiseTV.Com, ChristianJobs.Com and NetMinistry.Com, serving hundreds of thousands of people with online services and generating millions of dollars in the process.
Tony Alicea
Tony is an evangelist and blogger for DayShout.Com. His passion for helping people to connect and communicating the love of God through those connections drives him every day. Tony has worked in the technology industry for almost a decade as a project manager for several companies and approaches everything he does through lens of his passion for people.
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